Heat & Air Duct

 10 Ft. Belled End Lengths.

Nominal Size Weight/Foot Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Wall Thickness
4 .740 4.500 4.330 .085
6 1.10 6.140 5.988 .076
8 1.68 8.160 7.958 .101
10 2.62 10.20 9.948 .126
12 3.77 12.24 11.938 .151
14 5.20 14.28 13.928 .176
15 5.80 15.30 14.922 .189
16 6.49 16.00 15.608 .196

In 1967, building contractors and installers of sheet metal heat and air duct systems approached Kroy Industries to develop a product for heat and air installation to eliminate the corrosive problems occurring from water infiltration and leaks in metal ducts under the slab.

Kroy recommended SDR81 PVC pipe as an alternative to spiral sheet metal.  This pipe was a superior alternative eliminating their existing problems.  The product was immediately accepted for under-slab installation and has meet with continuing success.  Since its introduction, more than ten million feet have been placed in service without a single failure.

Kroy Industries furnishes a complete system from the PVC plenum to the end boots.  This system offers cost efficiency, ease of installation, increased heating and cooling efficiency and lowering of injuries from installation.

Kroy PVC duct pipe and fittings comply with requirements of the International Code Council (ICC), formerly The Council of American Buildings Officials (CABO), which is nationally recognized in writing plumbing and mechanical codes.


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