PVC Lateral Sprinkler Pipe
Sold in standard lengths of 30 and 40 feet.


Outside Diameter Wall Thickness Weight Per Foot (lbs.)
3 .095 .56

PVC Coupler Specifications

O.A. Length Weight Pan Width Gasket Outlet
9" 1 LB. 6" Drain Type 1"

Product Description

Kroy 3" PVC lateral tubing and the PVC lateral coupler combine to create an efficient and economical method of sprinkler irrigation for all types of terrain.

The tubing and coupler are made of PVC compounds with high quality additives that provide added resistance to impact and surface wear and protect from the degradation of ultraviolet rays.


PVC has a high resistance to acidic waters or chemicals and are often used in corrosive situations.  This makes Kroy PVC the right choice for many effluent type applications.

The PVC lateral couplers have a one inch threaded outlet for sprinkler or riser pipe attachments.  The surface pan on the coupler helps the pipe remain upright on rolling terrain or when running on slight angles.

Design features of the PVC lateral coupler allow for most aluminum and steel fittings to attach with ease.  The Kroy PVC lateral tubing has a beveled end for fast installation.  The latch pocket on the coupler is deep recessed allowing for a positive lock under most field conditions.

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