High Pressure Pipe, Flood Irrigation, Sprinkler Applications, Underground and Surface Applications

Only Kroy Manufactures both PVC and Aluminum for Irrigation, Industry and Construction.

Chances are when you need pipe, you need it now.  When you want pipe fast nobody can deliver like Kroy.  Millions of dollars of finished product and raw materials along with streamlined order procedures and production scheduling insure on-time delivery.   But our service does not end with delivery.  Our customers know that Kroy is there to help solve problems to their satisfaction well after the sale is made.  At Kroy, we stand behind our product.  And because we believe in what we do, our customers believe in us.

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Please visit our included pages for: 

Plain Aluminum Tube
High Pressure Circle Lock Pipe

High Pressure Twist Lock Pipe
High Pressure Kroy Lever-Loc Pipe
High Pressure Fittings
Low Pressure Mainline Pipe
Low Pressure Fittings
Aluminum Sprinkler Pipe
PVC Lateral Pipe
Sprinkler Applications
Surface PVC Gated Pipe
Surface Aluminum Gated Pipe
Underground PIP Pipe
Underground IPS Pipe
Well Casing
Epoxy Fittings















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